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Turn Up The Volume on Your Next Event

Get ready to transform any regular celebration into amazing dance parties. Get ready to elevate traditional fundraisers into engaging events. Get ready to use the power of Bollywood dance to reimagine your next event. Whether your audience and/or friends are 5-year old or 95-year young, they will never forget the experience. 


In the past I have collaborated with companies, small and big, non-profits, libraries, and many individuals to create an event perfect for their friends, family, audiences, employees and donors. Many still write to me about how joyous and often life changing their experience was. 


I enjoy personalizing and customizing events that fit to your taste and needs. I’d love to collaborate with you and create the most engaging and memorable event for you or your organization. If you think you need an unforgettable event, get in touch with me and let’s create something exceptional together!

Purnima visited my college-level global pop classroom, which she transformed into a Bollywood movie set! She introduced my students to a range of regional musical and dance styles and, for over an hour, had them dancing and smiling. Purnima is knowledgeable, kind, inclusive, and brimming with enthusiasm and energy. My students loved the class, and I look forward to having her back next semester, and the next, and the next!

Prof. Graham

A Few of the Past Events

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Thank you! I will be in touch as soon as possible. 

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