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About Me

Born and raised in Mumbai, the land of Bollywood, I moved to Boston more than a decade ago. Bollywood is not just a movie genre when you grow up in Mumbai; it's an integral part of life. 

Growing up, I spent my weekends learning Indian classical dance, and the rest of the week dancing in front of the TV watching every Bollywood song that one could dance to (and a few that no one could). 

When I moved to Boston I thought my lifelong relationship with Bollywood and dancing had come to an end. Thanks to BollyX, the opposite came true. Now I am dancing more, I am fitter and happier than ever.

During the pandemic I shared my passion to bring health and happiness with thousands. I brought joy to BollyX to dancers and non-dancers of all fitness levels and ages. Now, my youngest participant is 3 years old and the oldest recently turned 97. I take great pride in making the magic of Bollywood accessible and enjoyable to everyone.

I look forward to sharing this electric energy, loads of positivity and happiness with you, checkout my weekly online and offline (in-person) classes.

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