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Your Joyful Workout Starts Here

Save Your Spot for the Bollywood Dance Workout Open House on Thursday Sept 8, 2022 at 6pm ET 

This is a virtual event. 

Get Introduced to a Workout that You Will Look Forward to

Whoever said no pain no gain, obviously has never worked out to Bollywood music. Bollywood Dance Workout - BollyX is of the most fun ways to stay healthy, both mentally and physically. 

Ease Into the Fun Dance Workout Step by Step

The open house kicks-off the Beginner Class. In this set of specially designed series, I will show you the best forms, perfect postures, while deciphering some graceful dance moves. I will also share tips and tricks to adopt any and all moves to your own body and limitations.

More Calories Burnt per Session

Each session you dance in the Beginner Class will create muscle memory. This memory will help you dance safely and get more workout. And you will start burning up to 800 calories in every 60 minutes session. 

This Open House Kicks-off a Beginner Class, an 8 Session Series Designed  to Ease You into Bollywood Dance Workout. 

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Signup for The Open House on September 8 at 6pm ET

Thank you and dance soon! 
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