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A Song That Surprised Me - Ooh La La

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

I really HAVE to tell you about Ooh La La. In spite of knowing Bollywood music and especially dances so well, I had a completely different perception of Ooh La La.

Ooh La La - means what it means in other languages. I wasn't wrong about that! Phew.

I even knew the movie it belonged to - Shubh Mangal (Jhyada) Saavdhan - is a common phrase in (most) Hindu wedding. During the wedding ceremony (usually a few hours long) this phrase is heard again and again and again. Anyone who has ever been to a Hindu wedding (South Indian could be an exception), would instantly know this phrase. It tells the couple to be aware of responsibilities in the marriage (I think). The usual phrase is "Shubh Mangal Savdhaan"

However ( this is where I didn't know part starts) ) this movie is called Shubh Mangal Jhyada Saavdhan. Meaning be more aware, because this particular one is a gay love story! Showing a gay couple on screen is still a very new and courageous for Bollywood movies. I am glad we have a song from such a bold movie to dance on.

Didn't know it was a train song! In the attached video for the song you will also see a wedding train - in India the wedding hosts pay for their guests travel to the wedding location. To make it fun and economic, usually all guests travel together. It is always a lot of fun. If you ever get an opportunity to attend an Indian wedding in India, please go! It's an exceptional experience for many reasons, whether wedding train is involved or not.

More on trains and Bollywood - Fun fact - India has one the largest train network in the world. It is an integral part of life, stories and movies. In the video below you will see the couple running after the train and one of them extending their arm for the other, that's a very iconic scene from a blockbuster movie made in 1995, which ran for 25+ years in one theater. Most people who are familiar with the movie would see that moment and know they are a couple. It's a hard to miss moment!

And finally I was wrong about the face-wash move - I just realized it wasn't washing-your-face move at all. You will see that in the video too, and don't forget to have a good laugh when you do.

Wish to dance to an accessible and fun choreo to this song and more funs songs? Email me or sign up for a fun Bollywood Dance Workout Class.

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