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Bollywood - A Catchy Fusion

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

If Europe were a country it would've been India. With 15+ official languages, you can only imagine number of cultures, subculture, and micro-cultures in India. Cultures flow into each other smoothly. Get inspired with each other and create innovative fusions.

Almost all Bollywood dances and music are a fusion. Fusions of regional folk, classical, street, Bollywood and at times even international. These fusions improve their reliability and accessibility, making them catchy and sticky. If you've ever attended my class, I know these songs play in your head all through the week. Now you know why.

One of the best examples of such fusions is a song called Bombae. This is one of the most loved songs in all my classes. I have received many questions about this song. Unlike most Bollywood songs this is not from a movie. It's a collaboration of 3 artists: Zach Knight, Fuse ODG, and Badshah. All 3 with a very global background, and only one of them is Indian, making it a true global fusion.

Do you agree that Bollywood songs are sticky and catchy? Which one is your favorite?

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