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Find English in Bollywood Songs Annoying? Read On.

Bollywood is a perfect example of how innovation happens through fusion. It's a fusion of diverse cultural influences, languages, and traditions that come together to create a unique and evolving art form. Innovation often happens at the fringes, where different ideas and influences collide to create something new and exciting. Bollywood has embraced this concept of fusion, where each culture contributes its own elements to create a new culture that reflects the changing times and tastes of the audience.

A very few songs are in Bollywood are in a single language. You'll find songs that blend Hindi with Punjabi, Gujarati, Marathi and many other languages, including English. It's not about diluting the purity of any language, but rather using language as a creative tool to convey emotions and ideas in a way that connects with the audience. This fusion of languages in Bollywood songs reflects the reality of Indian society, where people are often bilingual or even multilingual, a single spoken sentence most often contains at least two languages.

Bollywood is not confined by purism or traditional norms, it's an ever evolving art-form of masses. It reflects the pulse of society and constantly pushes boundaries to create something new and fresh. It's not about conforming to rules, but about challenging them and experimenting with new ideas. The fusion of different art forms, dance styles, and music genres in Bollywood has resulted in groundbreaking innovations that have captivated audiences worldwide.

Bollywood is a celebration of diversity. It brings together artists from different backgrounds, regions, and religions, providing a platform for creative expression. This amalgamation of diverse talents leads to new and exciting collaborations, resulting in innovative cinematic experiences that break stereotypes and challenge norms.

Innovation happens when cultures collide, and Bollywood is a perfect example of it. It's not about conforming to traditional norms, but about embracing fusion and creating a new culture that reflects the dynamic nature of society. It's an art form that evolves with time and reflects the changing tastes and sensibilities of its audience. Bollywood's success is a testament to the power of fusion and innovation, where different cultures come together to create something truly unique and captivating.

That's all I had to say about the use of English in Bollywood songs! :) Wish to add innovation, diversity, fusion or just pure fun to your next event? Let me know here.

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