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5 Things I learned in Last 5 Days - End of 2021 Learnings

A few days ago I saw a post on Instagram that listed out all the things that were happening to me and suggested I take a break. Although usually we are smart and aware people, sometimes we need a reminder. I took it as a sign and decided to spend this week on not-working. In spite of having many urgent projects, I decided to take a break. It's been amazing so far.

Here are the 5 things I have learnt from last 5 days -

1. Relaxed mind is important for learning. After months of struggle I finally understood NFTs. I took long walks and one of my walks I listened to the podcast Freakonomics. While listening to an episode called "The Art Market Is In Massive Disruption" I finally understood NTFs, although the episode is not at all about NFTs. I have been listening and reading about NFTs for months now and never had an aha moment of now I get it! All it took was some relaxed thinking and vaguely related podcast, of course

2. Cooking is even more rewarding when you don't have a deadline. I spent 6+ hours cooking Biryani. It made me SO happy and it was delicious, thankfully, made my husband happy! Here is the video.

3. I can bellydance, all it needed for me to believe I could. If you've been dancing with me for a while, you know I struggled with bellydance moves last year. Not anymore. I learnt hip shake for a new song "Kusukusu" and I think with some more practice I will be able to do some version of a hip-shake. Obviously cannot wait to show you the trick in today's class.

4. I love satires even when they are showing me a mirror. I watched Don't Look Up on Netflix and it's a masterpiece of a satire. If you haven't yet watched it, highly recommended.

5. If I have to teach something I learn it better, I give everything I have to learn it. In January I am doing a workshop called "Unleash Your Creative Confidence with Design Thinking". In spite of having run workshops like this one many times before, this time I took time to re-learn everything with beginner's mind and use the learnings to reflect on my own creative confidence. I not only learnt broader but also went deeper than ever before. It was combination of both, relaxed mind and being inspired to teach!

I absolutely enjoy learning and it gets me excited, makes me feel accomplished and brings me a lot of joy. I want to know what you have been up to and how are you spending these last few days of the year?

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