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5 Ways Dancing Improves Your Confidence

1. Get over being awkward - Every-time you try a new move it's awkward in the beginning and it gets graceful as you practice that move. This allows you to understand your body's potential to be graceful. You intuitively realize being awkward is good because you are learning something new. You just get over being worried about being awkward.

2. Positive body image - Regular workouts teach you to be grateful for the body you have, reduces negative self talk about your own body and improves acceptance of your body and yourself. You learn to appreciate your own beauty, rhythm and movement.

3. Improved posture - This starts with feeling comfortable in your own skin. This is deeper than just standing or sitting straight. I speak from my personal experience. Watching myself dance, day after day, week after week, year after year, my comfort with myself has increased. I no longer stand awkwardly or have fidgety habits that come out of being uncomfortable. And I am also comfortable in case I get fidgety! :)

4. Stop comparing yourself to others - I hope you do this! Your dance is your own, it does not need to look like anyone else's. If you carry this habit to rest of your life, imagine not comparing your life to others. Can you imagine how peaceful it would be?

5. Have a better presence by being present - There is no other way to improve your presence than being present in that moment, in that space and be 100% engaged. Because you enjoy dancing so much you do it with all of you. You are there with your body and mind, completely engage. You improve your presence by being present.

Have you experienced any of these since you started dancing regularly? Please share with me, you know I always love to hear from you.

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