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Don't Forget to Say Thanks

I have 2 more gratitudes to add to your list.

The first one - thank the indigenous people. They were here first, they were the first ones to call this land their home. Not asking you to stop expressing your gratitude for your family, friends etc. For now just add to the list. Wish to acknowledge and thank Native Americans next year and don't know how? This article is a great place to start.

Secondly - thank yourself. Take some time over this weekend and express your gratitude towards YOU. The most important person in your life. Always remember the longest relationship you have in this life is with yourself. And expressing gratitude does wonders to any relationship. So do it! Don't know where to start this practice of self-gratitude. Here are the five ways to practice self-gratitude.

With my heart full with gratitude towards you and me, look forward to dancing with you tomorrow. Sign up here if you haven't already!

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