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Enjoy Enjaami - Powerful Music Needs No Language

Even after dancing for a year, 3 times a week on this song, my class isn't ready to let it go. It's an extremely addictive song. And truly music without boarders.

“It’s about the sweat and blood of the ancestors of the world. The context is universal,” Arivu says. Is that why it's so addictive and relatable even when you don't understand that language, Is that a real power of music? To convey an emotion and bring people together without understanding the language.

Enjoy Enjaami is a tribute to the Tamil plantation workers. It's lyrics include civilizations, nature's bounty and are filled with family love.

It is a story of Valliammai, Arivu's (song writer's) grandmother, who used to call him Enjaami (Enna Saami = My Lord). It was a story told to him about Tamil migration to Sri Lanka during Colonial India. In the 19th(and 20th) century poverty stricken Tamil people were cent to Sri Lanka to work on tea, coffee and rubber plantations. Arivu's grandmother was one of them. This inspired Arivu's lyrics which talk about human relationship with the earth, with reference to the land, soil and ancestors. A reminder to all of us remeber our roots to earth, nature and family.

You are absolutely right. You do see Arivu's grandmother in the last shot sitting on the throne. That's his way of celebrating matriarchy. The song was shot in Arivu's village in Tamilnadu, India and is sung by Arivu and Dhee.

It's unstoppable beats are fusion of oppari - a type of folk song, part eulogy, part lament, traditionally performed at Tamil funerals -- and elements of Afro-Caribbean music.

Written based on articles and interviews published in - Indian Express, Deccan Herald, Hindustan Times and of course Wiki entry.

Love dancing on this one and feeling the joy of rain, elephant rides. Love to feel warmth of grandma's stories and understand the their power of telling untold and undocumented history from real people perspective. Check out the song on YouTube -

This unofficial Moana version expresses the story behind the song even better -

Check out the meaning of lyrics here

And dance with me on this song by booking a class here

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