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Make Your Holidays More Meaningful

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Write a letter to yourself.

But do it as a family or group activity. It's a great and quick way to reflect upon a year and center yourself. Feel good and confident about starting a new year. Done in a group it's a great way to be a little vulnerable and that's why form stronger bonds with your friends and family. Not sure how to do it?

This is how you do it!

Get together with your friends/family. Take 10 minutes individually to write a letter to yourself using either pen and paper OR online platforms like FutureMe. Don't know what to write?

Here are some questions you can answer.

1. What are you proud of?

2. Write 3 - 5 achievements of the past year.

3. What are you looking forward to or excited about in the next year.

4. What helps you feel relaxed?

5. What are you grateful for?

6. Who are you grateful for?

7. What will help you get unstuck in the coming year?

Once everyone has written the letter seal it to open it next year when you get together for holidays.

Now the most important part, the sharing and vulnerability. Anyone who is courageous enough to share can start by sharing their reflection on what they are proud of, what relaxes them and being unstuck in 2023. One the most courageous person shares, others will follow.

I did this activity with a group of friend yesterday. It made me feel good about myself and about the next year. I am ready and excited for 2023. Are you?

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